I have been making pottery for the better part of 25 years. I have studied with many dedicated potters who have passed along their inspiration and enthusiasm for this medium. I feel incredibly lucky to have ceramics be a part of my daily life.Working with clay is a passion and a continuing goal for me. I love the opportunity to make beautiful and useful objects. In this day and age, when so much of what we come into contact has been mass-produced by machines, it is important to have objects in our lives built and shaped by human hands. 

The way clay bends and shifts, how it glistens and expands, makes it an exciting and exacting medium to work with. Clay records the potter’s movements. Through time, with heat and contact, the pot becomes itself.  When you use it, it is complete. When I am in my studio the questions in my mind are: Will this pot work? Is that the line I want? How is the surface of this pot developing? How will it feel when it has been glaze fired? Will somebody else appreciate the time and effort put into this piece?

It is my hope you will use my pottery on a daily basis, for the regular and special events in your life. My pottery is made to be used, to be filled, to be emptied, to be eaten and drunk from.

From my hands to your table, enjoy!